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♀ I gotta Musically Express [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT = JAH] My Twin Soul Energies that BEE So Unseen Sentient [U.S. = Invisible] 2 My Golden Black Airwave Sound System [BASS] Intel that Magically Produce My INNER Middle Quadrant Ear MELanin of SOULFUL HALLELUJAH HEARING that Audibly Stimulate My INNER Primary Auditory Cortex [PAC] Energies of Phantasmagorically Black Cochlear [B.C.] Nucleus from My Superior Olivary Complex MELanin of Doppelgänger TUT ♀

Adult Auditory Rehab: Stages of Listening with a Cochlear Implant (HearSayLW)

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The symmetry of the cosmos is based on the repetition of patterns found throughout nature, from sea shells to spiral galaxies. For example, snail shells, sea shells, vortices, the cochlear nucleus of the inner ear, etc., show similar repeating patterns around an eye. The patterns intrinsic to the shell of a snail are replicated repeatedly in nature and typify the structure of a cyclone and the Milky Way galaxy and every spiral galaxy so far observed.

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Cochlear Nucleus 5 – Blue Sky

Cochlear Nucleus 5 – Blue Sky

Cochlear Nucleus 5 – Blue Sky

Cochlear Implant: an interesting look of what the surgically placed implant looks like via an artists rendering atop the face of a very young child (enlarged for detail): see the internal components within the inner ear as well as the outer components -magnet- and the pieces connecting the two beneath the surface. A rarely seen and unique view.

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Cochlear Nucleus 6 – Blue Sky

It looks like some beautiful nebula hanging in space. But this is actually a fluorescence image of the cochlear nucleus, a way-station in the brain for info coming from the ear via auditory nerve fibers (in green). UB research in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that synapses made by these fibers are arranged by plasticity. Image by S. R. Oh, from the Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

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