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Hybrid Dome built by Earthen Shelter. This dome was built out of natural materials like cob and straw in the high desert of southern CA. Click here for more photos.

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Building Earthen Homes Using the Original DIY Material

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ritterlied: voiceofnature: Cob house interior Pretty much the kind of house I’d like to make. Fairypunk can extend to houses too right? Well it can now.

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cob bed platform heated by a rocket stove (foreground) with homemade straw mattress in the GOBCOBATRON

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plaster igloo - see also earth houses. A sustainable and abstract interior space, unlike such architecture by Adolf Loos. This space redefines the user's space in a unique and beautiful (although beauty can be truly subjective) place.

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10 Heavenly Hobbit Holes We'd Like to Call Home

Earth House Estate Pallavincini located in Arni, Switzerland. An inside view of the fireplace and door to the outside.

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Ziggy's cob cottage building process. Cob house interior layout.

Conversation Pit... a technology-free space in the home for only friends, family, food, wine, and conversation... a lost art, maybe?

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Beautiful cob houses...this is the look I would want in my tiny square rooms, irregular shaped doors and windows, and tons of nooks! :-)

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cob house interiors | Moon to Moon (cave,house,home,interior,rock,staircase) | cob building

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