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Saturday Night Live CNN pregnancy test commercial: SNL literally pisses all over CNN's so-called "breaking news" coverage of flight 370 with a commercial featuring the equally accurate CNN pregnancy test. #snl #saturdaynightlive #tv #funny #commercial #BeckBennett #VanessaBayer

CNN Crew Jokes about Donald Trump's Plane Crashing — FTVLive WAKE UP AMERICA these are EVIL people BOYCOTT.

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The Greek Government Will Run Out Of Cash In A Few Weeks, And Is Drawing Up Emergency Measures

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Police: Fight possibly staged in California jail escape -

If these two escaped a prison then I'd say perhaps God is on their side dontcha think? Besides it was the system that persecuted Christ and the early Christians. So one of the guys got off another dudes we know why? Cause I'd only do that if the guy was raping children. Maybe it was well deserved street justice of a child rapist? Point is YOU DONT KNOW the story. So keep silent, stay out of it, and let the impotent police fumble around like idiots.

What was Melania Trump like in Slovenia? - BBC News -

DONALD TRUMP VS FIRST AMENDMENT ON CNN Breaking News #trump #donaldtrump #trump2016