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Cm Guitar Chord

Guitar Fretboard and Chord Chart Instructional Poster Triple-G Posters

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"The scariest thing about distance is that you don't know whether they'll miss you or forget you.." || Anime: 5 Centimeter per Second - 5cm/s (Makoto Shinkai - 2007) || © Edited by Karunase ||

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Understand Chords: What's A Triad? (Part One of a Series)

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Ukulele Chord Charts

This is a set of ukulele chord posters for use in your classroom. It includes the following chords: A, Am, A7, B, Bm, B7, C, Cm, C7, D, Dm, D7, E, Em, E7, F, Fm, F7, G, Gm, G7, Bb and Eb. It also has a couple of alternate fingerings which are marked with an asterisk.Enjoy! :)

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These fingering suggestions was made by finding the arpeggio in each of the 7 3-note-per-string scale fingerings. You can also download the chart as a pdf here: CmMaj7 arpeggios

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How to Write a Song: Learn the Essentials on How to Write a Song & Become an Awesome Song Writer Today (create music, music composing, write music, write lyrics),

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Dean Guitars Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Bass TBL 4-Strings Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar with Aphex by Dean Guitars,

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