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An Introduction Into Cloud Rap. A Vast Page Of Cloud Rap Artists For You To Enjoy. Also A Great Depth Of Education For Those Who Do Not Know What Cloud Rap/Trillwave Is.


♀ ALL My Afro Caribbean Americans [CA] of Immortal Black Christ [B.C.] Terrestrial Hue~man Life Genetics BEE So Futuristically Advanced [Fanti] accordin’ 2 Our Pre Physical… Pacific Oceanic Island Worlds of Inner Earth’s Unseen Sentient [U.S. = Invisible] Maritime Atmosphere [MA] Ancestors of CLOUD 9 Scenery Kingdom Intel that BEE So HIGH UP IN:side Our Omnipresent Skies… as I Astronomically Freestyle this Unearthly Spirit [U.S.] Rap of MOST HIGH [MH = JAH] SCIENCES… from California [CA] ♀

Artist: J. Cole | Album: Forest Hills Drive | Genre(s): Conscious hip-hop, abstract hip-hop, cloud rap | Favourite tracks: Intro, January 28th, 03' Adolescence, Fire Squad | Least favourite tracks: G.O.M.D., No Role Models, Hello || 6,4/10

from Highsnobiety

Cloud Rap: The Spacey, Cyber-Born Hip-Hop Subgenre

Just me and my cough syrup. Chopped and Screwed. 60-70 BPM. Obscure genres for Sad Boys ♡