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Tiny Mimas, Huge Rings

Big rings of Saturn, tiny moon Mimas. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute


Carpenters Close To You Wow, I was 1 when this concert was filmed and Karen looks sick here...I wish there had been as much awareness then as now. For those who didn't know-Karen Carpenter died of Bulimia, very sad-she had a spectacular voice, she was beautiful and she just couldn't see it.


French Words @frenchwords I was so close to...Instagram photo

Free Christmas - Close Reading : This product contains a close reading passage about Santa.The students will have to:*read the text 3 times and color a star after each reading ( for fluency)* answer 3 text based questions in writing and color the answer in the text (the evidence)Suggestion:Before you read the passage with your students point out the words " prepare" , "tonight", "bought" since they are harder to decode than the other words in the passage.

Close to My Heart Sketch Challenge: Sketch Layout Pattern