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Insider Democrat ARRESTED For Pedophilia, 2nd One With DIRECT Ties To Obama And Hillary


The mainstream media are going wild circulating a viral list of so-called “fake news” websites – and the list includes established news sites like WND, Breitbart, Red State and Project Veritas – but WND has found a leftist, Trump-bashing assistant professor in Massachusetts who specialized in “fat studies” is behind the effort to target and […]


Hillary Clinton. She was the one that got Bill in power and she was the one that rule when he was President. He was told what to do by her. They say she is a b....h.

from Socialism is not the Answer

Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead

zero hedge by Tyler Durden Call it conspiracy theory, coincidence or just bad luck, but any time someone is in a position to bring down Hillary Clinton they wind up dead. In fact, as we noted previ…


Monsanto claims that GMOs and their weedkiller Roundup are perfectly safe. So why are they fighting GMO labeling in the U.S.? As the manufacturer of Agent Orange, DDT, PCPs and dioxin, Monsanto’s toxic legacy of harm to the environment and human health is without parallel.


Ron Paul reveals hit list of alleged ‘fake news’ journalists | RT | "Former congressman Ron Paul revealed a list of “fake news” journalists he claims are responsible for “bogus wars” and lies about Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the election. Journalists from CNN, the New York Times, and the Guardian are included." Click to read and share the full article.