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What is going on with the police in Ohio? From the looks of things with the shooting deaths of John Crawford and 12-year-old Tamir Rice, you would think that the state recently lost its mind. But if the FBI’s recently-released report on the rampant corruption of the Cleveland Police Department is any indication, dirty cops shooting innocent, unarmed people in Ohio is far from new.


Last known photo of Tamir Rice before he was killed by Cleveland PD. Taken just a few weeks before his murder.


One of my old favorites, though we never really found a use for it -- I modeled a Cleveland Police Dept. patch in Lightwave.

from the Guardian

Cleveland officer not guilty over deaths of two people shot at 137 times by police

In court in the morning, Cuyahoga County judge John P O’Donnell said prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that bullets fired by Brelo were the cause of death of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, or that Brelo had no fear for his own life during the volley of gunfire that ended a high-speed car chase on 29 November 2012. Regarding the shots fired from Brelo’s gun, O’Donnell said they could have been the ones causing death, but so could others fired by other officers…

from BuzzFeed

Here's A Timeline Of Unarmed Black People Killed By Police Over Past Year

<b>From Arizona to New York, the cases have added to national outrage over deadly force used by police.</b>

from Washington Post

Why white people see black boys like Tamir Rice as older, bigger and guiltier than they really are

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