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List of Epic Queens (part 1/3): Hatshepsut / Nefertiti/ Artemisia of Caria/ Cleopatra VII/ Livia Augusta/ Agrippina Minor/ Boudica

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The Royal Treatment: Beauty Products Inspired by Cleopatra

The Royal Treatment: Beauty Products Inspired by Cleopatra Written by Ashley - Harvard University

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Heka literally means activating the Ka, which is the aspect of the soul which embodies personality. Egyptian beliefs held that activating the power of the soul was how magick worked.

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Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt and the last pharaoh. She was 17 or 18 when she became queen. Cleopatra was a shrewd politician who spoke nine languages. During her reign, Egypt became closely aligned with the Roman Empire.

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I'm just reading this book now....and its amazing. The author does a great job of storytelling ...not just repeating historical facts you can pull up on Wikipedia. Get it! The section on Cleopatra is my favorite thus far.

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This statue is very rare. It is one of seven in the world identified as the most famous queen of Egypt: Cleopatra VII. Cleopatra VII was born in Macedonian family called the Ptolemies, who were famous for their vicious infighting. Matricide, patricide and fratricide were common in many generations, including Cleopatra VII's. She had several relatives killed so she might survive. For generations the Romans coveted Egypt, a bountiful sours of grain they could use to feed their army. Th...

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I sat here blushing and smiling but trying not to smile for several minutes after reading this. This is just too cute.

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