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Are You a Winter-Spring (Clear Winter)?

Best colors for Clear Winter seasonal color women; Clear Winter color palette | #ClearWinter #colorpalette

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This would be such an awesome basis for a wardrobe, and then add in your super punchy colors as scarves, tights, jewellery, bags, etc. Simple but glamorous!

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I knew I had "Winter" colouring but it wasn't until I checked out this site that I realised I was "Clear Winter"!

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Clear Winter Color Palette (Pure Winter)

Another example of the color palette for clothes I wear. I do NOT wear ANY: greens, yellows, taupes, grays except Charcoal Grey. See Color Me Beautiful pin description for the colors I wear.

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Are You a Winter-Spring (Clear Winter)?

Clear Winter, Winter-Spring seasonal color celebrities by

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Clear Winter palettes: Blacks and grays

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