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How to clean outdoor cushions tutorial. 1.5 tsp. dishwashing detergent soap and 1.5 tsp. Borax in 1 quart warm water. I put my solution in an old, empty dish soap bottle.


DIY outdoor furniture cushion cleaning solution: in a spray bottle, fill 3/4 full, then add 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid and 1 tsp. of borax. Fill spray bottle to the top, then shake to combine. For full how-to in!


How to Clean Outdoor Sunbrella Fabric Cushions and Scotchguard Them

How to clean dirt, sap, and stains out of Sunbrella Cushions with before and after pictures. Scotchguard them as final cleaning step.


Quick Tip: Clean Outdoor Furniture On The Cheap

Outdoor furniture cleaning solution: to 1 gallon of hot water, add: 1 cup Borax, ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup liquid dish soap (whatever you have on hand, but I like Dawn). Stir to dissolve Borax, then apply to furniture & cushions with a brush or scrubby sponge (check fabric for colorfastness, but peroxide would usually have to stand on fabric for hours to have a bleaching effect, if any). Rinse & repeat, if necessary.