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How to clean stove burners with vinegar and baking soda - Minimal effort


How to clean the tricky burner rings via Best DIY tricks


How to clean drip pans naturally. Quick and easy method. I just used this tip and know I'll forget. :)

from The V Spot

Cleaning Stove Burners & Grates using Ammonia (The best, easiest, cheapest No-Scrub way EVER

The easiest ever, No-Scrub way to clean your yucky stove burners!

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Cleaning Those Nasty Stove Burners!

How To Clean Burner Pans - for times when you have started the stove on fire... :)

from BuzzFeed

37 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Deep Clean

Clean greasy gas burners in a sealed plastic bag with ammonia.

from One Good Thing by Jillee

Cleaning Those Nasty Stove Burners!

How to clean burner pans from One Good Thing


Put burners in ziplock bag, add 1/2 cup of ammonia and let sit overnight, and in the morning wipe clean with a sponge/rag! I do this with my oven racks too. Don't try with aluminum, but if you get that black stuff on the bottoms (or inside if you *really* burn it) of stainless steel pans, it works great on them too. I just use garbage bags for the really big things.

from BuzzFeed

How To Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything

Stove Burners |Pour on a thick coat of baking soda. Follow with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide onto each burner. Wait 15 minutes, then scrub away all that nasty brown stuff.

Ok i don't understand why there are 100's of posts about the magic of baking soda. This didn't work for me at all! And i scrubbed a small pan with a sponge for half an hour! :-(