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Create a classroom timeline using pictures and events from the school year.

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Classroom Timeline as you learn about events Creative Ideas for the Upper Elementary Classroom: Hodge Podge of Items

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Classroom timeline. What a neat, living display to capture and remember the cool things you did throughout the year.

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Classroom timeline, what a GREAT idea! I am SO doing this next year! Maybe in the hallway outside the classroom, since I have so little wall space...

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Classroom timeline, I am so doing this next year! Have empty timeline up on the first day of school.

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creating timelines for students. perhaps it can be a collective assignment. as we go through a time period i can ask students to ad to the timeline important facts, dates, events, that way its more interactive. could assign groups of students particular years in a decade and have them find pictures/information to create their section of the timeline. would be a good start or finish to a unit

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The American Revolution! Using cards as a timeline or a flip book to learn the story of the Revolutionary War. Great for classroom or homeschool use!

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