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Guess Who? Cards are a simple time-filler activity for those times that you need to fill about 5 minutes before recess or lunch, or the end of the day. This activity also strengthens sense of belonging and community in the classroom. See this blog post for a brief explanation of how you can get started in your classroom.

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Community Post: 15 Awesome Classroom Ideas For Teachers


10 Icebreakers for the Language Classroom

10 Beginning-of-the-Year Icebreakers and Games {in the World Language Classroom}. Need some good low-pressure, community-building activities to start off the year? Find them here!


Conversation Jenga

Conversation Jenga! Write questions on the blocks and have students answer as they play. Get your students speaking Spanish (or French, or German, or whatever language you teach!) and make conversation practice their favorite part of class.