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Five Ways To Strengthen Your Classroom Discipline

When I was a new teacher, the last thing I thought I would need help with with classroom management and discipline. I figured my lessons would be so engaging and I would be so interactive and entertaining, that discipline would just take care of itself. You are probably smiling right now if you thought the...Read More »


Quiet turtles classroom management strategy that kids LOVE! Lots of wonderful behavior management strategies to help with a noisy talkative class


Classroom Rewards That Won't Break the Bank

"I think most teachers would prefer a world where all students were intrinsically motivated, but it just isn't an everyday reality," says Storie Belden.


How to Start the 2nd Half of the School Year Strong

The holiday season always brings joy to both students and teachers. It is a time to rest, relax and enjoy time with family and friends. But it is also a time to look at the second half of the school year and how to start it off strong. We have some tips, tricks, strategies and resources that will get you energized to start the rest of the school year off on the right foot.


Exploring Causes and Effects of Behavior

Best classroom management tool ever! This Behavior Reflections freebie is a great way to handle student misbehavior. Having kids fill out this graphic organizer helps them understand why they engage in disruptive behaviors as well as the consequences of t


Reporting Behavior in the Classroom

Behavior is one of the biggest classroom management problems teachers face and another is communicating to parents. Solve those issues by using these ideas, checklists, and forms to help keep track of discipline and work ethics- ALL FREE to download!