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Omg my 1st graders would looove these!! Sugar Blossoms: Classroom Cheers

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Dr. Jean cheer cards set 2, I have cards and power points. My favorite cheer is kiss your brain!

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NEW Dr. Jean's Cheer cards have been given a facelift. Here is a collection of all her classic cheers looking better than ever. AND we added a few new ones as well. FREE

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Quiet turtles classroom management strategy that kids LOVE! Lots of wonderful behavior management strategies to help with a noisy talkative class

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Sight-Word-Chants-Cheers-Freebie-1733746 Teaching Resources -

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Routine: This whole website offers great classroom cheers, especially the na-na-na cheer. This is a cheer that is unique to the classroom community. I would have students and myself sing this cheer every time after someone offered something extraordinary to the lesson. I would have a bell and every time I rang it, students would be in the routine of singing this song together. It is a great way to build community and show students that their amazing contributions are valued in the classroom.

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Bring some fun and excitement to your classroom successes with these fun cheers! CHEER IT UP!

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We do a cheer every morning after we say our "popcorn words" (sight words). The kids love it and don't let me forget to do it!

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Cheers with Dr. Jean - she show you how to do them…I love cheers, and so do the kids! It puts a smile on their face and gets their attention. Dr. Jean has some good ones here!

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Cheers on a stick...just wrote a few! I am going to stick them in the cheer can and let students draw the cheer they get. Last year I just let the student decide which cheer they wanted, but this makes it more of a surprise :)

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