Teaching bathroom procedures is sometimes time consuming…you need to remind children to flush, not to forget to use soap, to throw the paper INTO the trash, not next to it. And as a kindergarten teacher you have to do this over and over again throughout the day. But I’ve created these bathroom posters with comprehensive …

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Classroom bathroom decorated with content posters and Leader in Me quote. Don't forget that students have the opportunity to review skills even when they are in here! :-)

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Hall Pass - Print on card stock and put into ID badge holders on coil key chains (both from Walmart). Blank pass at end can be written on with a whiteboard marker and then erased (for students who have to go somewhere else in the building). These are waterproof (seal the top opening with packing tape or buy self-seal ID badge holders) and kids wear them high up on their arms so they don't get wet/dirty in the bathroom.

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Editable punch pass cards are great for classroom management or behavior at home. Use them for bathroom passes, homework completion, classroom jobs, chores, etc.

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Classroom Hand Signals Management System | AshleyRae | {K-6}....similar idea for student communication during discussions.

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