State Education vs the Classical Model

I don't really agree with the description of "modern education" as it exists in public schools, but the description of classical education is informative - and I like the ideas in that part.// Interesting information comparing these two approaches

well educated mind A guide to getting the classical education you never had The Art of Manliness

Podcast: The Benefits of a Classical Education

Did you know Classical and Charlotte Mason styles of homeschooling have some similarities?  This is a nice Classical resource if my CM friends want to take a peek.

This is an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of Classical Curriculum Providers, Co-ops, Continuing Education

7 Reasons I'm learning Latin and teaching my kids too - T. Gilkerson (Intoxicated by life)

7 Reasons Why I'm Learning Latin (and teaching my kids too!)

Essentials of a Classical Education: Memorization & Recitation

Essentials of a Classical Education: Memorization & Recitation - easy tips for adding homeschool memory work to your day.

free printable timeline figures -- Each card has one key person and/or event with a classic image and details about both the event/person and the historical painting.

Ancient History Timeline Figures of the OCD Homeschool Mom Classical Style

Classics Reading List by Grade Level with a free printable pdf. Great resource for homeschooling!

Looking for a list of classics to read with your child? Robin shares with us her list by grade level. Perfect for Charlotte Mason methods. Includes free pdf-have to scroll almost to the end for book lists.

Lots of resources and information for anyone planning to start classical education kindergarten including curriculum recommendations.

Read this homeschool family's goals and curriculum as they plan for a classical education kindergarten including Classical Conversations.


Teaching From Rest- A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace

Top 4 Classical Education Blogs | Elemental Blogging

Top 4 Classical Education Blogs

12 wonderful classical education books you should read and reread through the years.

12 Classical Education Books to Read - Classically Homeschooling

Five Different Approaches to Classical Education: Dorothy Sayers - Classically Homeschooling

Five Different Approaches: Dorothy Sayers

This mom has great tips for teaching the kiddos! I love this timeline idea she has!

Living Out His Love: Our Timeline - the Classical Conversation timeline I designed for our homeschool room

Step by step instructions on how to start classically education your children at home without losing your mind! Read more...

How to Start a Classical Education at Home

Neuromusic for Kids NeuromusicGroup Reflection Ukraine

Classical Songs Kids Love

Forms of Classical Teach part II: Socratic Instruction.

Should you absolutely love parenting you'll will really like this cool info!