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A grant for a class pet through PetSmart. Also, a guide to choosing the right pet for your classroom. 8031

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If you have classroom pets, it's best to have students and parents sign a classroom pet permission slip at the start of the year. Students often want to hold and care for certain types of pets and to ensure parent permission and student understanding of rules, this permission slip will keep you covered.

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Special Delivery!: A mysterious package arrives to your classroom! It has holes poked in it and it has fragile and special delivery stickers and stamps all over it! Here's where you can teach predicting and inferring. Open the package to find a class pet (stuffed animal) and a letter explaining why we got this package and parent explanations. Turns into a take-home writing activity. SO COOL!

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Class Pet Journal

Having a class pet is a great way to build community and bring families into the classroom. Our class pet is a stuffed dog named Oscar. He lives in our home

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Class Mascot Writing Assignment - Students take turns taking the mascot home and creating a journal entry of its time outside of the classroom

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10 Awesome and Effective Ways to Use Class Pets in Your Lesson Plans

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How to set up the Science Center in your Early Childhood Classroom

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