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Because the window seats are the best. And sitting closer to the back means the teacher pays less attention to your mind wandering lol (This is from Clannad btw, a pretty good anime)

Lol only people who have seen Clannad will get this. And if u haven't seen it.... U should, however I advise u to have a couple boxes of Kleenexes stashed....

father and son bonding Scenes like this makes me love clannad so much xD// I love Akio

#dango #clannad #daikozoku this happens to be me every time i think about clannad

Funny pictures about When I listen to a romantic song. Oh, and cool pics about When I listen to a romantic song. Also, When I listen to a romantic song.

awh. poor Akio! I love clannad. Akio is just too lovable too, always contradicting himself. "Shouldn't you two be off somewhere making out? Isn't that what the kids are doing these days? I DIDN'T MEAN THAT! IT WAS NOT A SUGGESTION!!" Although I do love what came before this... "Did you see that Sanae? I did! You falling in love with me again! I am!" Then it just repeated for the next couple in line <3 <3 <3 <3

Clannad & Clannad After Story! I love this anime so much! So funny yet so sad!

9 Anime For When You Need A Good Cry

9 Anime For When You Need A Good Cry

I am not the only one who cried when watching Your Lie in April

"What did you kick me for, Tomoya?" "Sorry, man. Just reflex, I guess.

Unless of course your whole group of friends are a bunch of weird dorks like me.... I love my friends ^^

I think I'm the weird friend. :O - clannad, I am the weird friend and al of my friends will agree