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Burma 1946 King George VI British Civil Administration SG 57a Fine Mint

Burma 1938 King, George V SG 56 Fine Mint Scott 56 Other Stamps of Burma HERE

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#3 The Civil Works Administration employed unskilled people in need of work, sewing was one of the jobs many women did.

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16 Great Quotes From African American Women

The godmother of the women's movement. Driven. Intelligent. Passionate. Caring. An amazing role model for women everywhere.

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Road construction project of the Civil Works Administration in Burnt Corn, Alabama. :: Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection

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Mother Bickerdyke was a hospital administrator for Union soldiers during the American Civil War.

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Lani Guinier is an American lawyer, scholar and civil rights activist. The first Jewish/African-American woman tenured professor at Harvard Law School.

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Phoebe Pember, a Civil War nurse who worked at the giant Chimborazo Hospital (the largest military hospital in the world at the time) on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia.

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Men holding traps and dead rats in Geneva, Alabama, as part of a project of the Civil Works Administration. :: Alabama Photographs and Pictures Collection

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Nostalgia for New Deal Job Plan

The Civil Works Administration (CWA), created during a lunchtime meeting in November 1933, put 4.3 million people to work 10 weeks later on roads, schools, parks, playgrounds and athletic fields. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT's better-known WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) employed millions more and left durable monuments all over the country. . . . (PHOTO: WPA construction workers in 1936. The Roosevelt program was one of several that employed millions during the Great Depression.)

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