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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Area and Circumference of a Circle Foldable Notes for Interactive Notebook

What better way to make a foldable graphic organizer for the area and circumference of a circle than to have it shaped like a circle. This is a great reference for both vocabulary and formulas. The 3 versions of the graphic organizer are perfect for differentiating.


Use graph paper to demonstrate the ratio of PI for both Circumference and Area. Refer to the demonstration of Circumference performed for you in the last Math Antics Video, What is PI? Use that demonstration to come up with your own for the ratio of PI when calculating the Area of a circle.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Geometry of Circles Reference Sheet

This reference sheet is an easy way for students to remember key terms about the geometry of a circle such as area, circumference, diameter, radius, and pi. Great for a math binder or to print out as a classroom poster.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Pi Day Pennant

In this collaborative activity celebrating Pi Day, students work with the circle formulas to find area, circumference, radius and diameter. Each pennant also includes a Fun Fact that students can read as they complete their circle problems. Once a pennant is complete, it can be hung along a string in your classroom to celebrate Pi Day!