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Why do some traumatized people get PTSD while others don't?

People with PTSD are shown to have 2 areas of the brain that are sensitive to STRESS SHRINK: the hippocampus,in the limbic system important for memory & the anterior cingulate cortex, part of the prefrontal cortex that is involved in reasoning & decision-making. A fMRI, which tracks blood flow in the brain, revealed that when people who have PTSD are reminded of the trauma, they tend to have an underactive prefrontal cortex & an overactive amygdala, which processes fear and emotion.


Indirect spinothalamic pathways. These pathways mediate the affective and arousal components of pain, temperature, and simple tactile sensations. (A) The ascending axons in the paleothalamic tract synapse in the brainstem reticular formation and neurons in midline and intralaminar thalamic nuclei, which then project diffusely to the cerebral cortex including the cingulate gyrus. (B) In the spinoreticular tract, one group of ascending axons projects to the medullary reticular formation, and…


Below the level of the cerebral cortex lies the thalamus, the brain's information relay network. Surrounding the thalamus is a group of structures, the limbic system, which is involved in survival behavior and emotions. Closely linked with the limbic system is the hypothalamus, which has overall control of the autonomic nervous system. The cingulate gyrus is involved in survival behavior. The hippocampus is involved in memory storage.

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Scientists think this is where your consciousness lives

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Meet Your Emotional Brain — or — Whose “Tantrum” is This, Anyway?


The Neuroscience of Regret by @Melanie Greenberg | Regret is a negative emotion that may be adaptive if it motivates action to learn from mistakes and become a smarter or better person. However, getting stuck in regret where there is nothing that can be done to change the situation can be damaging to mind and body...

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Air on the ‘G’ String: Hoagies’ Bloghop, May 2014