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Ads of the Week: Smartie Pants

Most Important things for any product is usually to be seen and recognized by it’s target. In our advertising we present the most recent newest of our findings through the whole world of creative marketing. Here are the 15 Creative and Effective...


Only Dr. Emmett Brown’s modified DeLorean DMC-12 could whisk you from one era to another so quickly – at street level the mid‐century brick warehouse, renovated by architects Caliper Studio, is all Blade Runner, step through the door, and Repop’s retro interiors come over all Rebel Without a Cause...

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The 9 Outdoor Cinemas To Visit NOW

9 Outdoor Cinemas - We don't have too many of these where I'm from, and most of these look pretty awesome. It'd be even better if they could play some super British movie, but I'll enjoy the experience regardless.

from the Guardian

The best speakeasy-style bars in New York

The Best Speakeasy-style Bars in New York Nowhere does Prohibition-era glamour better than New York. As Baz Luhrmann's glittering adaptation of The Great Gatsby hits cinemas, we pick the best bars in the city for cocktails and a slice of Jazz-age cool. Flapper dresses and fedoras optional


Donnie Brasco (1997) This is another good movie. You should know it is like a gangster movie and some scenes are gruesome and not for the squeamish. Do a google search on this movie and you will find , the Late Roger Ebert's review. He gives it high reviews.......