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Ciara Hanna (American, Television Actress) was born on 20-01-1991. Get more info like birth place, age, birth sign, biography, family, relation & latest news etc.

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*CHARLES JOUGHIN: Titanic’s chief baker. After forcibly throwing reluctant women and children into lifeboats (thereby saving their lives), he rode down on the stern of the ship like an elevator as it sank, stepping off the railing into the below-freezing water and surviving for over two hours (reportedly barely feeling the cold thanks to the alcohol he had been drinking) before being taken into a lifeboat. He survived the disaster with swollen feet but otherwise unscathed.

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i have so many facts about ciara on my camera roll shsjsjsjjsjajsssjsj my world is all about collecting more info about my favorite celebrities bUT I SWEAR IM NOT A STALKER

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RMS Titanic passenger and crew lists, survivors and victim biographies, Titanic disaster facts and history.

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Comprehensive list of RMS Titanic third class (steerage) passengers, with full biographies.

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Ciara. She can dance. She has a unique style: urban chic. And she is holding it down in the music industry. Yea, she's my #girlcrush

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