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The Americans. Key words: spies, KGB, The Soviet Union vs. FBI, CIA, USA; the cold war era, the early 80's. Clever and interesting. I'd give it 8,4/10.


Published on Dec 15, 2010 Colonel James Bo Gritz the real Rambo, commanded detachment "B-36," U.S. Army Special Forces. With 62 decorations for valor, Gritz was the most decorated Green Beret of the Vietnam War. In the 1980s Gritz undertook a series of private trips into Southeast Asia, purportedly to locate United States prisoners of war which as part of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue some believed were still being held by Laos and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


"Lockheed U-2 "Dragon Lady", the first generation of near-space reconnaissance aircraft" -- Used by the CIA. No wonder I was given that nickname.


BRIDGE OF SPIES (USA 2015), Steven Spielbergs toll inszenierter Spionage-Thriller und Porträt der Freundschaft des Versicherungsanwalts James B. Donovan (der zum Unterhändler wird) und des russischen Spions Rudolf Abel in Zeiten des Kalten Krieges. Schönes „altes“ Kino, wie es das heute leider kaum noch gibt. Und das Drehbuch von Matt Charman haben die Coen Brüder überarbeitet. Auch das kommt diesem äußerst sehenswerten Film zugute.


Best Intelligence Agencies DGSE, France ASIS, Australia RAW, India Mossad, Israel BND, Germany FSB, Russia MI-6, United Kingdom CIA, USA ISI, Pakistan


Lee Harvey Oswald was the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He was murdered two days later by Jack Ruby as he was being escorted from the city jail to the county jail. This photo is showing Oswald with a rifle he had purchased.