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The Expendables 2-Chuck Norris joke. The movie was only awesome because Chuck Norris was in it. ;D He appears right before 2;23.. Watch it!


Bruce Lee - I don't know why people go on about Chuck Norris so much (I must have missed that memo) but Bruce Lee is easily the best martial artist I've seen on film.


Missing in Action (1984) - Official Trailer Starring Chuck Norris Movie Trailers / Action Movies Check out my review

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MX-5 Miata Top 5 Jass Performance Parts you Must Have

topmiata: "Via @mazdaroadster "Here is an old VHS tape, Made for TV Movie (1995) with Chuck Norris. The Miata Squad / 1995 A low budget made for TV Movie, but still cool. This is the movie which was made for all Miata owners. Some Miata club members are arrested for selling drugs at a Import Car show in Los Angeles, California. One of members tries to prove their innocent with help of an investigator of police office. (Chuck Norris). He drives a V8 Monster Miata with weapons on the ready to…

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4 movies

4 movies This is for 4 movies, Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks, Boulevard with Robin Williams (his last role), and a two set 15 movie collection has a total between two 3 disk 15 movies 10 chuck Norris 5 Steven seagal. Other