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The Garden Helper recommends growing Chrysanthemums, partly because these are some of the easiest perennials to grow. They can be planted at almost any time of the year, but preferably after freezing temperatures and before scorching temperatures.

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Growing mums as perennials: Cut back mums to the ground level after the frost-kill, then mulch with evergreen branches for cover during the winter.

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Here is the best way to grow chrysanthemum plants in containers or pots in five easy steps.

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Chrysanthemum Varieties: What Are Some Different Types Of Mums - Gardeners delight in hundreds of different types of chrysanthemums, often classified by various criteria. To simplify the process for home gardeners, plants are often divided into eight distinct chrysanthemum plant types. Learn what those are here.

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Brighten your room and clean the air with some Chrysanthemum #houseplants.

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Giving a Chrysanthemum plant is usually a symbol of cheerfulness and a way to tell a person that you value their friendship. Colors can denote a special meaning too!

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