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"This is so true. If I waited to be pain free I'd still be waiting! Add fatigue too the pain, of course. And don't forget the payback the next few days. This is one of the reasons I struggle when people tell me I "look better" or "look well today" when in truth I'm running on sheer will power.


Try yoga techniques for chronic pain management. In this infographic, we share 8 poses can help ease your pain and stress. Learn more on My Southern Health.


Chronic Pain | Chronic Fatigue | Fibromyalgia | Its true - remember how awful you feel with a bad flu-like virus. That is me all day, everyday as my base level of pain, even if I am out of bed, made up & smiling. I know if you felt this bad you would be in bed, but I can't spend my life there, so if I can possibly get up, I do. Please consider the courage, strength & determination it takes to do this day after day, and cut me a little slack if I'm not perfect!