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Understanding Chronic Bronchitis

Learn about the causes and symptoms of chronic bronchitis, how to get tested, and when to seek treatment.


Chronic Bronchitis. One form of COPD. Can often present with emphysema, though clinically, both conditions look very different. Both are caused by smoking, making cessation necessary. Chronic bronchitis presents with inflammation of the bronchial mucosa due to irritation, resulting in scarring and fibrosis. Hyperplasia of the mucous glands, goblet cells, and increased bronchial wall thickness all can restrict airflow. Late signs and symptoms can result in the "blue bloater" appearance.


9/8/16 - Sweetie to vet for her cough. She has Feline Asthma and we have to food medicine in her food. It stopped the coughing and she appears to be happier.


Herbal Treatments for COPD & Chronic Bronchitis

Herbal Treatments for COPD & Chronic Bronchitis. It's frustrating to try to find information that doesn't assume you're a smoker. Sorry, being raised by a meth addict means my lungs were damaged not by my choice.