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Pro Text Effects V2 - PS Styles

Pro Text Effects V2 - PS Styles #GraphicRiver Professional Text Effects V2- Premium Photoshop Styles Works great for texts and icons! .Asl files .Psd files Detailed Read Me Previews Images; Thumbnail Created: 13December12 Add-


With the Chrome-books being released, developers have set their sites on developing applications for Chrome. We as educators can now take advantage of these applications on our computers using the Google Chrome Web Browser. Lets take a look at 20 Chrome Web Apps to use in the classroom. Why should we use Chrome apps? Chrome apps have


Cybercriminals are uploading malicious Chrome browser extensions to the official Chrome Web Store and use them to hijack Facebook accounts. The rogue extensions are advertised on Facebook by scammers and claim to allow changing the color of profile pages, tracking profile visitors or even removing social media viruses.


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Technology can be a powerful tool to assist students with special needs or any sort of learning challenge. In particular the Chrome web brow...