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Google ingaggia Christopher Poole, lo Zuckerberg della metropolitana #follower #daynews -

Christopher Poole quotes #openquotes

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One on One: Christopher Poole, Founder of 4chan

Christopher Poole, found of 4chan


"moot" (Christopher Poole) @ TED 2010 - part 1/2

4chan gets a bailout offer from Martin Shkreli - CNET 4chan We had tried to keep 4chan as is. But I failed. I am sincerely sorry Nishimura who purchased the site in January 2015 from founder Christopher Poole wrote. Some notice there are no more middle ads and bottom ads on 4chan. Ads dont work well. So we reduced advertisement servers cost. 4chan cant afford infrastructure costs network fee servers…

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4Chan floods YouTube with pornography

4Chan floods YouTube with pornography | YouTube, the biggest video-upload website in the world, was infiltrated by 4Chan this week with the infamous web message board uploading a barrage of porn clips to the video service. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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4chan Founder Christopher ‘moot’ Poole Steps Down as Community’s Sole Administrator After More Than a Decade

Christopher Poole Sells 4chan to 2Channel Founder Hiroyuki Nishimura

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4chan Founder: Facebook and Google Do Identity Wrong [VIDEO]

4chan founder Christopher Poole argues that Google and Facebook "do identity wrong," and that people should not be tied to one identity.


webster innovation: Google hires Christopher Poole founder of 4chan, t...