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瑞峯院( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✨ 瑞峯院(ずいほういん)はキリシタン大名である大友宗麟(おおともそうりん)の創建。 東の坪庭にはキリシタン灯籠があります😇 Zuiho-in temple #日本#京都#寺#寺院#大徳寺#瑞峯院#庭#坪庭#灯籠#キリシタン#禅#雨 #Japan#Kyoto#temple#Daitokuji#Zuihoin#garden#japanesegarden#lantarn#Christian#zen#rain#instagood#ig_japan#team_jp_西(京都)

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Christianity's long history in the margins

Article on the history of Christianity in Japan.

Arriving in Japan in 1550, Jesuit priest Francis Xavier played a key role in the early spread of Christianity in the country. His missionary work included preaching in Hirado in the northwest of present-day Nagasaki Prefecture, where Christianity took root most firmly and “hidden Christians” preserved the faith during centuries of prohibition. Today Hirado is home to numerous historic churches, testifying to the enduring influence of Spanish and Portuguese missionaries.


Japan As Seen by American Women in Christian Missions, 1913-1934 (Hardcover)

1913 1934,1934 Hardcover,Christian Missions,American Women,Japan

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The Virgin Mary disguised as Kannon/Guanyin to avoid persecution. Kirishitan (Christian) cult, 17th century Japan.


As most people know, BUDDHISM and CHRISTIANITY are "imports" to Japan. However, the SHINTO (The Way of the Gods) in a purely Japanese affair. I figure these guys (who always have a trick up their big sleeves) have gathered to discuss making the following linked FAMILY SHINTO FESTIVAL even bigger and better than it was this year ! Ca.1890s Plain Paper "Salted Print" by an unknown photographer. The Salt Print was the simplest and…

Illustrations by Tatsuro Kiuchi Tatsuro Kiuchi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1966. A biology major and graduate of International Christian University in Tokyo, he made the switch to an art career after graduating with distinction from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Tatsuro began illustrating children’s books with several publishers in the US and Japan, eventually branching out into editorial work for magazines, book jacket illustrations and advertising commissions…