I actually started crying when I saw this... I pray for my future husband all the time. To think that some man is praying to find me as I'm praying to find him is almost unthinkable, with my past experience. Yet he's out there. God is so good.

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This is so true! Most people rush into relationships. Trust me, I know first hand what rushing gets you. It doesn't get you anything good! Wait on God. It's not that bad being alone for a while

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The enemy will try to break you, steal your joy, shake your confidence, destroy your faith, and make you feel hopeless but you don't need to listen to one single lie of his. You are created with a purpose. You are loved. You are victorious with Christ. Hold on to these truths and never forget that the enemy is a liar and his lies have no power in your life because you are a child of God.

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