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I'm choosing to remember today to choose the better thing that Mary chose and that was worship.


2017 Christian Reading Challenge For Christian Women - HF #52

Join the 2017 Christian Reading Challenge for women and set some amazing (but doable) reading goals this year. Download the FREE toolkit for all the book and category suggestions, resources for finding the time to read, and more!


Read the Bible to your little ones this year! This ebook is the perfect tool engage your toddlers and preschoolers with God's Word- great for family worship.


Many times the attitude in our homes doesn't match up to what we profess to believe. We can find ourselves being unloving, with those we love most.


Minding Your Mouth: A Biblical Study on the Discipline of Taming the Tongue - A Brand New Devotional for Kids

If your kids struggle with being bossy, being unkind to their siblings or just simply having self-control over their speech, this brand new resource that will help you as parents teach your kids what the Bible has to say about “minding our mouths” and “taming the tongue” and how they can put it into practice! This study contains 10 lessons that dig into the Scriptures so kids can see how God’s Word address how we speak and are called to live peacefully with others. FREE for 48 hours only!!


I am called to the ministry of homemaking is a series for Christian women. Whether you work outside the home or stay home full time, you've been called to make the house where you and your family live A HOME. Have you lost your calling? SERIES Begins: January 4, 2016!!!


Serving the Lord Through Homemaking

In today’s culture of feminism, and woman power, one job that often gets overlooked and laughed at is homemaking. The first job that women ever had, and the job that we held for the longest time. For thousands of years, from the beginning of time, the Lord has appointed women to look over their homes and care for the occupants of said home. It wasn’t until recent history that women left the home for a job at all.


Finally, a simple Scripture study plan that fits into your busy life! Sign up to receive the free monthly plan and journaling pages! via @intentionalmoms


"I love reading through this. We don't have to be super women. That's not what God has called us to be! God has called us to abide in Him (John 15:7). ~Dawn" Modest Christian Homemaker


Why and How to Use Essential Oils

Why and How to Use Essential Oils - Learn why quality is important and how you can help your family thrive. Get tips on selecting oils, how to use oils, and how to save money. You also have access to my FREE group for essential oil education.