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Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008 was accused of having HEAVY “racist” undertones by the liberal media. See that story here. She doesn’t want you to know that. She also does not want you to know that she is the one who started the OBAMA BIRTHER movement. See that story here. In addition, watch this video where Chris Matthews reveals that Hillary’s camp was focusing on Obama’s Indonesia “roots” and claiming that he was “born in Indonesia.” Watch the video: Amy Moreno is a  Published Author…


Chris Matthews: Support for Trump Based on Patriotism - Breitbart

Chris Matthews delivers an unbelievably insightful explanation of Trump’s appeal that will blow you away


Rememeber when hot mic caught host Chris Matthews in a little ‘locker room banter’ … about Trump’s wife!

from RedFlag News

Oct 4 Chris Matthews: Pence Won Debate, Kaine Seemed “Desperate”

Chris Matthews: Pence Won Debate, Kaine Seemed ?Desperate?

Where's the outrage? Obama's suckup and Clinton pusher....chris matthews calls benghazi mom a liar


WATCH: Forget Trump's Hot Mic... Here's Chris Matthews' Hot Mic MELANIA Comment

Chris Matthews Bashes 'Desperate' Kaine, Declares 'Eloquent' Pence Winner of VP Debate A broken clock is right twice a day.

So Disappointed In Oprah Winfrey And Her Racism Claims


Clinton’s Jaw-Dropping Claim About U.S. in Libya: ‘We Didn’t Lose a Single Person’ | Video |