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mindfulmft | That's great if you love me and miss me but when you don't do anything about it the message that you send is that your fears are too great for you to choose me. When fears run a person's life there isn't much we can do. All of the words in the world won't change that the fear is running the ship and keeping us from experiencing great love. The words aren't necessarily lies. The person may absolutely love and miss us but the words do not hold more power than the narratives they…


And that's why i don't feel anger or disappointment or jealousy knowing that you couldn't choose me, i guess if anything I feel pity for him knowing why you chose him and that is probably the greatest compliment you could have ever given me.


I'm dispensable, I guess since ur choosing someone else over me.......its sad really Im getting tired of feeling pathetic waiting for you to choose me I really need to learn.....

I'm choosing to better myself, be educated as much as I can, not let there stop me, do what makes me happy, not settle for what's in front of me. Can you say the same?