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They say that doing something the same way over and over and expecting a different outcome is a sign of insanity. Life is full of choices and it is those choices that will make the difference between a good or bad outcome and ultimately whither or not sanity becomes the master.

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Therapy Quotes to Make You Think

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The truth eventually comes out or the guilty conscience and the consequences later on make you regret the lying. More

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I've done all I can on my own… I'm sorry… but remember you wanted the divorce… and I can't give J a good life on my own. Child support is your consequence.

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Everyone is responsible for what they have done, no matter what anyone tells them. They have to stand up and take the consequence.

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The Continous Interior

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You are not a victim of circumstance; nor of fate, destiny, or bad luck. Your path was paved by the choices you’ve made in the past and the excuses you make in the present...

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Stop your pity party! Choices have consequences, and you are today what you decided yesterday to become. ~ Pastor John Hagee

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The Psychology Behind Why Budding Leaders Must Use Affirmations by Gabriel Nelson

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