Beautiful chocolate tulip bowls use a little balloon and dip into choc , let set then deflate balloon slowly by putting a pin under the tied part

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It's fun and easy to create these festive Peppermint Bark Balloon Bowls which can be filled with luscious chocolate mousse or your favorite holiday treat like ice cream or pudding.

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Tutorial...Fancy Chocolate Bowl. Beautiful centre piece for the table filled with home made truffles or chocolate dipped dried fruit.

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Chocolate Bowls - Tutorial Have you ever been to a restaurant and admired the dessert display? You might see something magnificent poured into a chocolate bowl like this.

Chocolate Dome - Blow up a balloon and coat with veg. oil. Place tempered chocolate (cooled a bit) into a pastry bag. Using tip #5, pipe lacy pattern onto balloon. Tape balloon to bottom of cupboard and allow choc. to dry. When it has hardened, deflate the balloon with a pair of scissors near the tied end so air escapes slowly. Slowly pull away the ballon and set dome on flat surface until ready to serve.

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