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So, the government should stop giving away free stuff? What about $70 billion per year subsidizing Wall Street banks. $38 billiion is subsidies to oil companies. $2.1 trillion stashed offshore to avoid US taxes. $153 billion per year to subsidize Mc Donalds & Walmart workers. $813 billion per year in military spending (4 to 5 time China AND 6 to 8 times Russia)


Sometimes, you might lost or misplace a deposit slip from a China Bank branch. The deposit slip might be necessary for you to have a copy of the deposit transaction or someone who might be your boss needs it badly for documentation. Read more:


Hong Kong can just as well be called "City of Skyscrapers", as it boasts the highest number of skyscrapers on earth...


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Nobody who knows him would give him their vote because they know Trump's a con and have said so. Please listen or we'll all pay for it in ways we could never imagine.


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China banks come back for more capital as bad loans pile up

Guomao Bridge through Beijing's central business district, June 11, 2015. REUTERS/Jason Lee - China banks come back for more capital as bad loans pile up. Mounting bad loans are running down Chinese banks' capital buffers, forcing them to turn to investors for fresh funds despite raising a record amount last year.

Ancient China Resources Collection

This is a collection of 30 resources for Ancient China. This is a fantastic edition to your resource bank for Ancient China. What is included: 1. Virtual tour 2. Assessment task and marking guidelines 3. Map activity 4. PowerPoint 5. Model project 6. Webquest activity 7. Chinese beliefs worksheet 8. Ancient Chinese beliefs PoerPoint 9. Chinese Dynasties PowerPoint 10. Chinese Dynasties worksheet 11. Chinese inventions activity 12. Chinese inventions research Plus More