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An ambrotype photograph of a seated Civil War soldier (corporal Tiller; 6th Fla. Infantry Regt.) holding an upright musket in his left hand, his right hand rests on his thigh. He has an under the chin beard, is wearing what appears to be a tail coat with a military belt, an open shirt and a stock or perhaps undershirt.


Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories


Pretty much what I see in the rear view mirror every morning. The goat hairs on my chin are out of control.


Barttypen, Deutsch, Beard Styles, German, bartstile. Drei-Tage-Bart, Ziegenbart, Henriquatre, Koteletten, Moustache, Vollbart, Chin-Strap, Chin Puff, Anchor, Backenbart, Ducktail, Fu Manchu, Hollywoodian, Rap Industry Standard, Schifferkrause, Soul Patch, Sparrow, The Zappa, The ZZ, Victor-Emanuel-Bart, Walross


How to Use Beard Oil Like a Pro

Few things to know when applying beard oil. Apply right after a shower. Warm water opens your pores up & allows easier access to skin. Hair dry your beard before application. A few drops of beard oil is more than enough to condition your beard effectively. Careful with the amount so that your beard won't look oily. Pour a few drops in your hands. Start from the end of the beard & work your way towards the skin. Also rub your hands against your cheeks. #beard #oil #beardoil #beards…


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StyleXpert Beardtrimmer 9000

For some men, trimming a beard is a work of art designed to enhance your personality and make a good impression. If so, then take a look at ...


Forget beard baubles and glitter beards, hipsters are now opting for twinkling fairy lights as the latest way to add an extra festive touch to chin fuzz in 2016’s hottest Christmas trend. East Village E20, London is providing a beard pimping service to gentlemen wanting to adorn themselves with the yuletide facial hair accessory. Taking place at their Christmas Makers Market on Sunday 11th December, the stand will allow every hirsute gentleman the chance to get in on the trend – and provide…