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A Quick Guide to Chin Curtain Beard Style

All you need is A Quick & very Simple Guide to get the Perfect Chin Curtain Beard look.

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Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

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How to Use Beard Oil Like a Pro

Few things to know when applying beard oil. Apply right after a shower. Warm water opens your pores up & allows easier access to skin. Hair dry your beard before application. A few drops of beard oil is more than enough to condition your beard effectively. Careful with the amount so that your beard won't look oily. Pour a few drops in your hands. Start from the end of the beard & work your way towards the skin. Also rub your hands against your cheeks. #beard #oil #beardoil #beards…


Pretty much what I see in the rear view mirror every morning. The goat hairs on my chin are out of control.


How to Trim Your Beard in 6 Easy Steps

The Suggestion: Mind the Beard Line By Peter Martin Many years ago, growing a beard was easy. You just stopped shaving. Where your beard ended -- chin, neck, or somewhere after your chest hair began -- was nobody's concern, least of all yours. Now things are different. People tend to have jobs and fewer diseases, and beards require more tailoring. It h...


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