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Young, Single, And Adopting: What to do the FIRST night! - hate the idea of checking for bugs/lice but it's a good idea and there are good & tactful ways to do this step discussed in the article. Make sure kids know they're safe. Show them you locking doors/windows etc. Ask about a light at night. I like to call them "mini lamps". Makes kids feel less childish and self conscious about using them.

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God Found Us You (HarperBlessings) [Hardcover], (adoption, childrens adoption books, christian childrens books, adopted, love, mothers, foster care, story, adoption books, christianity)

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Possibly one of the best books for adoptive families and I love how it tackles many of the rude and inappropriate questions non-adoptive families always feel the need to ask in a positive way while reassuring children of their purpose :)

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When adopting a newborn from another state, it is extremely important to be prepared. You will likely have to stay in that state until the ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children) pa...

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Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale by Karen Henry Clark and Patrice Barton (illus). A lovely tale that acknowledges the loss of adoption while celebrating the creation of a new family. | IndieBound

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Why don't consequences, discipline, and rewards work with some adopted children? This question is asked by adoptive parents every day. Find out why on #adoption #attachment #fostercare

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