There are some adults that still just don't get it and feel the need to play childish games . After all these years they still can't get over the nonsence of the past and have to bring up old bullshit!! Grow the fuck up already and get a fucking life!! You've been preaching that for years now. How about you follow your own advice!!!

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This poster is so true. You don't have to be old to be mature. There is so much crap on tv or the news and the air waves. If you find yourself commenting negatively or arguing with what you see and hear. Then your brain is being negatively effected. Just ignore it or even better switch it off. Let your mind have some peace, then you will feel better for it. It worked for me, cheers Paul Ianni

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Your childish behavior just continues to prove my point. Hilarious! But i did enjoy the info that provided, it's useful.

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Such angry reactions to truthful statements speak volumes. Just more the same. Projection. Denial. Aggression. Shock me, please, with some mature behavior. I don't struggle with the insecurities that you do, so I know where my intentions stem from. When you are ready to stop the childish behavior on Pinterest, approach me. We can speak like adults.

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Haha! if I don't get the silent treatment from someone at least once a week, I'm not being myself.

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