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6 Penalties for Parents Who Fail to Pay Child Support

It's been 4 years since you've seen her. You haven't paid child support like a real man would, you don't ask how she's doing. You abandoned her & neglecting her since you stopped showing up to court dates 4 years ago. Stop blaming your problems on everyone else. You & your wife are the reason you are in the situation you are in.

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Avoid child support disputes by tracking payment receipts made over the course of a year or more. Free to download and print

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Ladies...child support payments are not for tanning, vacations, mani/pedis, or your own personal welfare...just in case you were wondering.

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Real women don't need child support, but of course they do!!! I just didn't get any, in any form, and I did OK and my Kids did Better. Don't let it be your excuse

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The number of child support payments for the right amount since he has took ownership/plowing is def. this. But hey let's file an extension to keep running it catches up with your buddy it's called back CS:)

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No hunny that money daddy sends every month is only called Child support. That's mommy's fun money. Maybe you can get a new coat next year.

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Child support is an important part of the divorce process. Both parents carry the responsibility to financially support their children, and that responsibility does not cease to exist after a divorce. In California, child support payments are driven by statutory guidelines. To be sure that your judgment is fair, it is important to have an experienced Riverside child support lawyer on your side who understands the process and the law.

Each parent is equally responsible for providing for the financial needs of his or her child. But the court cannot enforce this obligation until it makes an order for support. When parents separate, a parent must ask the court to make an order establishing parentage (paternity) and also ask the court to make an order for child support.

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This true of too many women. Makes the ones that actually use it for the right reasons look bad.

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Iowa Child Support payment list. Check when and how much the non-custodial parent has paid.