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Child Support Application

Work Smart: WorkSmart is an Internet application designed to offer entry-level job seekers and workforce re-entrants “soft” skills and occupational information to assist them in obtaining employment.

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6 Penalties for Parents Who Fail to Pay Child Support

It's been 4 years since you've seen her. You haven't paid child support like a real man would, you don't ask how she's doing. You abandoned her & neglecting her since you stopped showing up to court dates 4 years ago. Stop blaming your problems on everyone else. You & your wife are the reason you are in the situation you are in.


Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Home page - Everything you need to know about collecting child support, IRS, interstate cases and more


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Lol, he wont even pay obligated child support let alone arrears. Thank god for my fiance! A real man!


This is where we can apply for our marriage license when the time comes. Thanks Nora for finding this!


For military borrowers, divorce complicates the VA home loan application process. What you need to know about alimony, child support, and buying a new home.


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Child-Support: Paying Your Fair-Share Or Funding Your Ex-Spouse's Spending Spree? -

Child-Support: Paying Your Fair-Share Or Funding Her Spending Spree? - 'The reasoning behind paying is also fair: childcare is expensive and child-rearing is tedious. Even today women still face a pay-gap, glass-ceiling, mommy-track, and career set-backs for emergency child-doctor appointments, sick-days, and general interferences that can come with bearing the title “Mom.” The math is fair. The logic is sound. But the practical application still causes you grief. '

Family and domestic violence We have payments and services to help you if you are experiencing family or domestic violence. Australian Government Department of Human Services