(Closed) Once Sierra left I jump up and grab her spellbook, "okay so I think I know the reverse I just gotta say it right." I walk over to you biting my lip nervously.

[ fc: Kristina Pimenova ] This is Millie. She is 7 years old and used to be an orphan. She got adopted by Tiffany. She likes to model, play soccer, and try to cook.

The Look: Neverland - "Off to Neverland" by Amber Bauerle for Child Model Magazine

" "The priestess of a sister tribe," Dimeke replied, "She was born on the day the priestess died and they believe the priestess' soul entered her and was born again." "And she is Meshan?

I'm lilac, vampire... unfortunately i'm not an immortal, i just age slower and heal quicker. I'm fifteen, arachnophobic and a skilled archer.

Have you seen 'the most beautiful girl in the world' who's all of 8?

At eight, Kristina Pimenova has been dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world'. Which, naturally, begs for intense debate. The Russian supermodel model