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Giant Schnauzer! the Giant Schnauzers are very : loving, child friendly, affectionate, loyal, smart, high maintenance, adaptable, and they make a wonderful inside dog believe it or not. be prepared, they think they are human, and expect to be treated as such! we love love love love love ours!

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LAYLA - A1101183 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/17 A volunteer writes: Up front in her kennel, tail wagging gently, Layla is leashed easily and out we go. Her leash manners are lovely, she potties the moment we’re out the door, I put a coat on her and off we go to the park. Wagging her tail as we walk, we chat about the cold, the park, her favorite treats and what her favorite TV show is. No surprise — it’s Pit Bulls and Parolees!! She’s an av

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Kids Adventure Playground Garden Design – Treated Pine and Spotted Gum Decking, Climbing Ladder, Sandpit, Tunnel and Cubby House. Parents Seating Areas. Child Friendly Garden Design. Decking and Landscaping

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Pets at Weddings — Infographic

Pets at Weddings — Infographic - WeddingLovely Blog Did you know you can get a pet permit in Walton County? Fido can carry the ring!

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SUPER URGENT – TRUSTING PUPPY RETURNED AS FEARFUL DOG – Before adoption, SUGAR COOKIE (A1057919) was "very sweet and friendly; very easy to handle, wiggly". She came back to Brooklyn ACC as "nervous, tail tucked, backs away from examiner..." Sugar Cookie is now 2 years old but 8 pounds lighter. Plus, this callous owner returned his pet with the 'child conflict' excuse. SUGAR COOKIE IS LOOKING FOR A HOME WHERE SHE WILL BE TRULY LOVED ♥

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A bubbling fountain in the middle of a decorative metal grate. My kids love to play with this small, simple water feature for hours! I think it would be a fun design to include in a home garden.

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