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1960s pop (Cherryade was my favourite. Like most things in the early 60s it was delivered to the house). >>Limeade was my favourite. And how about 'Cream Soda'? Wasn't sure about that one!


abc.jpg (400×657) this was a local company loved this stuff they came round on flat bed trucks selling the crateful

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Corona Lemonade, delivered to your door by the pop man who took away the empties the next week and you got 2p off your next purchase. Also limeade, cherryade,dandelion and burdock or cidelea.


Cherryade Bundt Cake - Ingredients for the cake:225g unsalted butter at room temperature,110g vegetable fat,650g golden caster sugar,5 large eggs,460g plain flour,1/2 tsp salt,1 tsp vanilla paste,250ml Cherryade, Red food dye.For the topping (optional):Icing sugar,Cherryade,Cherry more