Splendid cherries. We are lucky to live surrounded by many fields and orchards growing vast assortments of fruit, vegetables, flowers for organic oils and hops. The cherry orchards are beautiful and have free range geese in them.

Cherries contain anthocyanins, the red pigment in berries. Cherry anthocyanins have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. Like other naturally red fruits and vegetables, cherries offer increased levels of various health assets.

This is the best fresh cherry pie filling I have ever had!

Super Simple Cherry Pie Filling recipe using tart cherries + using Ball Complete Book of Preserving - eat out of hand or process in waterbacth for pint & quart jars

My neighbors tree drops a million cherries into my yard!! So:  Sour Cherry Jam

Yesterday, my dad brought me 3 or 4 big freezer bags full of sour cherries from my grandpas cherry trees. That’s a lot of cherries, folks.

Crescent Cherry Cheesecake Cobbler is layers of crescent rolls, cheesecake and cherry pie filling. Any flavor of pie filling works great. So good!

Crescent Cherry Cheesecake Cobbler

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Cherry & White Balsamic Slab Pie - The Kitchen McCabe

Cherry & White Balsamic Slab Pie

Obsessed with these artistic crusts. Cherry & White Balsamic Slab Pie - The Kitchen McCabe

It's the simple things like picking a big bowl full of cherries on a warm summer day that make life worth living

cherry picking (via CHERRY Bomb / bright red cherries in a vintage container)

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, It's in the Bible, Bible Verse, Leviticus, Clothes, No Shellfish, Sex, Menstruation, Children, Homosexuality, LGBTQIA, Bigotry, Homophobia, Slavery, Tattoos, Working on the Sabbath, Torture, Death, Murder, Cherry Picking. 76 Things Banned in Leviticus.

76 Things Banned In Leviticus (But Only 1 That Anti-Gays Seem to Care About)

Looking for something that can replace your soda or juice habit? Meet Hint Water. Made up of 0 sugars, 0 calories, and 0 diet sweeteners, this fruit infused water is exactly what you've been searching for. Peach, watermelon, cherry, pick your flavor and get the Hint!

Looking for something that can replace your soda or juice habit? Made up of 0 sugars, 0 calories, and 0 diet sweeteners,…

Why they get mad when you point out their own words, the holy words of their god, words not to be questioned or changed. If these words are no longer meant to be followed, then neither is the religion of this god. You can't cherry pick the commandments of gods. You either believe in faith or give it up as immature delusion and get on with living this life as a better, saner person.

Anyone can quote scripture from the bible of what God wants you to do it not do.

Seems only fair. Can't cherry-pick which Biblical stipulations to follow and which to discard. And a Big FAT AMEN

It's true. Divorce is considered a sin in the bible. I don't see why people chose to harass gay people because of it but not people who get divorces.Wallpaper and background photos of Marriage for fans of Gay Rights images.

I was skeptical of pie pops before Brittany Norman brought some to class. Now I love them. :P

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