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10 interesting facts about chernobyl on

A little bit of history…

10 interesting facts about chernobyl on

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The effects of radiation…

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Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster 25 Years Later (Infographic)

La tragedia di Chernobyl comparata ad altri due incidenti nucleari: Three Mile Island e Fukushima.

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Pripyat, Ukraine. The entire city was abandoned back in 1986 cause of a neculare problem. So all the buildings are still standing, everything was just left. I want to go here some day. Poputation before accident was 50,000

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50 Breathtaking Photos of Abandoned Places From Around The World

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Hall in an abandoned building in the ghost town of Chernobyl. Photo by Julia Dimon Travel Junkie on Flickr.

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Children in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine have been suffering from the effect of the radiation released in April 1986. The Rechitsa orphanage in Belarus has been caring for the huge population of sick children. Photo Credit: Julien Behal/Chernobyl Children's Project

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A combination of images, taken in 1982 and on February 24, 2011, shows before and after view of the abandoned city of Prypiat near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

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Chernobyl-today is the 30 anniversary of Chernobyl. Take a moment and think about how many people suffered. Thanks :) --Lydia/Ldubwhat//

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Chernobyl People Today | Evgeny Makarych had worked as a teacher before the catastrophe. His ...

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